Weeks 1-2 Technique & Run Details

Find below, your first couple of week's session plans. The aim is to carry out the same workout 3 times in the week. Avoid following the plan on consecutive days to maximise recovery.

Week 1.

Warm up

6 minute brisk walk. It should be fast enough to get you puffing but not so fast that you find yourself having to slow down before the 6 minutes is up.

Dynamic Stretching

10-20 reps on each leg

Dynamic Calf Stretch Long and Short

Walking Quadriceps Stretch

Walking Hamstring Stretch

Any additional stretches you'd like to throw in. Make sure they're dynamic, not standing in a stationary position more more than 5 seconds.

Main Set

35 minutes alternating between a 60 second jog and 90 second walk. Make sure you've watched the lectures on pacing yourself!

Warm Down

5 minute walk at an easy pace

Week 2.

Warm up as in Week 1.

Main Set

40 minutes alternating between a 90 second jog and 90 second walk.

Warm Down

5 minute walk at an easy pace